Sports Betting

Betting on sports is one of the most popular outlets for putting down money in the hopes of winning more money, and it’s not just incredibly popular in Australia, it’s a favourite around the world. What’s truly exciting is the versatility, wherein you have a wide range of bets, even several options on a single event, which makes it approachable for both hard-core, advanced players and those brand new to betting alike. We’ll start by giving a general overview of the difference between a sportsbook and a betting exchange, but the rest of the article will operate under the assumption that you’ll be playing at a traditional sportsbook.

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Difference Between Sportsbook and Betting Exchange

For one thing, if you are just a casual sports bettor, we highly recommend just going with sportsbooks. In fact, traditional bookmakers normally have similar odds and payouts as a betting exchange without the complications that go with it. However, if you are looking to get a bit more in depth, a betting exchange may be the better option, as the higher risk bets normally pay out much, much higher. In a betting exchange, you are able to “Lay,” meaning you bet that a bet being placed will lose. It’s what the casino does when they take bets (which is why a commission is taken on winnings in betting exchanges). Not only that, but you can trade bets around whether you Back a bet or Lay a bet. It’s very similar to how the stock market works, and a lot of people on betting exchanges have little knowledge of those actually competing. Instead, they look at market trends and try to predict where the most lucrative bets will take place. It’s tough to summarize, but if that interests you and you have the mind for it, you could turn a big profit at a betting exchange. At a sportsbook, you simply bet who will win and the casino does the laying (betting that you’ll be wrong). The best sportsbooks also don’t charge a commission.

Sports Betting Overview

Betting on team sports is about as straightforward as it sounds. There are two main types of bets, the points spread and the money line. In both, the underdog team will have a + sign in front of their number, and the favourite team will have a – in front of theirs. This is how much you stand to win on a $100 bet, but since you’ll be betting online, you can just click the team and type in the amount you want to bet to see what the payout will be if you win before actually having to place the bet. In the points spread bet, there will be an additional number, which are points. If the points spread is 2½, the winning team has to win by at least three points for its bet to pay out, and the losing team just has to either win, or lose by less than three, in order for their bet to pay out. This evens out the payouts, and increases the payout for betting on the favourite team. The simple moneyline bet, on the other hand, has players simply betting on who will win. If the favourite team wins, you win that amount, and if the losing team wins, you win that amount. Sometimes the favourite team is so favoured, the moneyline bet isn’t even worth placing (sometimes a $100 bet results in a $0.01 payout.).

In many sportsbooks, you can even bet on more specific aspects of the game, like go over/under on how many points will be scored in total by both teams, who will be in the lead during halftime, and even on the performance of specific players.

Betting Futures and Other Bets

Personally, betting futures almost requires too much patience, but it can pay out really nicely. You can bet on which team will win a championship, which player will win a trophy or award, and so on. The earlier in the season you bet, the higher the potential payout will be. Other bets even include the option to bet on things outside of the world of sports and into the world of competition. For example, the 2016 United States presidential election was one of the hottest future bets in Las Vegas, and other events, like Academy Award winners or even “Who will die next in HBO’s Game of Thrones” have been highly popular futures bets.

Sports You Can Bet On

The online casino Australia community enjoys betting at its every facet, whether it’s player against the casino games like Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, and Pokies, multiplayer strategy games like Poker, or Bingo. It’s tough to say which is the most popular, but betting on sports is definitely up there. This is your all-encompassing, one-stop resource for all things betting from Australia, so we don’t just direct you to the very best sportsbooks available, we also give you the ins and outs of betting on the most popular sports Down Under.


Australian rugby

Rugby may well be the most popular sport in Australia, and for good reason: it’s awesome. For the entertainment value alone, you don’t even need to know how the sport is played to be able to enjoy watching it. However, if you do know how the sport is played (Who doesn’t?!), and you like to bet (Why would you be here if you didn’t?), then betting on rugby can make watching this national favourite even more exciting. Bet on the money line or the points spread bet, and if a sportsbook is recommended on our site, they are guaranteed to offer rugby.


Australian Football League

The Australian Football League has some of the most exciting action at online casinos. Not only are you able to bet on the winner with the points spread or money line bets, you can also bet over/under on the total number of points, as well as bet on more specialized facets of the game, like how many yards a specific running back will have, or how many sacks a specific lineman will make. Football betting is also one of the most popular in general, so you don’t have to limit yourself to the AFL, you can also bet on leagues like America’s NFL or Canada’s CFL.


National Basketball League

Betting on the National Basketball League can be highly lucrative, and more so than any other team sport, the specialty bets are truly in-depth. You can bet on the money line, the points spread, and the over/under on the total points, but you can also bet who will score first, who will be leading during halftime, whether or not a specific player will receive the most valuable player award, and many others. This makes betting on the NBL really exciting, but if you’re already a fan of the sport, you don’t even need these specialty bets to have a great time, and remember that you can bet on the NBA and other basketball leagues as well at all of our recommended sportsbooks.

Horse Racing

Horse racing

Horse racing is interesting in that you don’t know exactly how much you’re be paid out until you win, but the payouts can be incredible, especially when you take advantage of the different bets. You can do place, show, and so on, and we get more detailed in our full length horse racing article, but no matter what time of year it is, what day it is, and so on, there’s always a race going on. You can even do virtual racing, but that’s basically a video game. With so many real horse racings going on, there’s really no point in our opinion.



Golf is probably the most popular individual sport to bet on, and this sport goes on all year round too. It’s so international, you can bet on a golf match going on in Australia, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia on the same day. Because the sport is also going to be different depending on the tournament going on, the betting options can range considerably as well. This makes golf a very exciting sport to bet on, and even if you love the sport, it’s hard not to admit that betting on it makes it considerably more exciting.



Cricket is a bat and ball game that Australians have been known to dominate at, so it’s understandable that they also dominate the cricket betting market. You can choose to bet on the money line or the points spread, and the specialty bets are pretty awesome as well, as you can bet on low likelihood events for huge payouts similar to a lot of casino games, only it’s happening while watching your sport of choice. Cricket is an underrated choice for sports betting, but it shouldn’t be, because it’s available at every one of our recommended online casinos, and it can win you a lot of money.

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