AFL Betting

Betting on the Australian Football League (AFL) feature some of the most popular games to bet on in the country. While the US spends most of their gambling money betting on the NFL, and the UK spends most of their gambling money betting on the Premiere League, Australians seem to vary their betting distribution on several different sports fairly equally, a true testament to their love for the thrill of betting action in all of its facets, even within a single facet (sportsbooks). Thanks to the good ole Internet, we can now very quickly and easily bet money on any and all sports, and one of the most exciting of which is betting on the AFL.

How the Betting Works

Football normally has three different options for you to bet on: points spread, moneyline, and the total points. For the moneyline bet, the favourite team will have a minus (-) symbol next to their payout number, and the underdog team will have a plus (+) symbol next to theirs. This symbol represents how much you will be paid out with a $100 bet. AFL bettingFor example, if you bet on the underdog team, they have a +250, and they win, you would be paid out $250 on a $100 bet. All a team needs to do is win for you to be paid out. The points spread bet, on the other hand, evens out the payout if you want to bet on the favourite team, because in order for it to pay out, the team has to win by a certain number of points.

For example, if a team is favourite at -7 and you bet on them, they would have to win the game by at least seven points. If you bet on the underdog, they merely have to lose by less than 7 points in order for you to be paid out. If you bet on the losing team in the moneyline, the payout will be higher, but your chances of winning is lower. If you bet on the favourite team in the moneyline, the chances of winning is higher, but the payout is lower. You can also bet over/under on total points. The bookmaker will decide a specific number, say 47 points. You can bet that the scores of both teams combined will be higher than 47 or lower than 47, and if you’re right, you receive that payout. To find out what the payout will be for any bet, simply click it, type in the amount you think you want to put down, and the site will tell you how much you stand to win before you even place it, a very convenient feature of online bookmakers.

Futures Betting

Futures betting always pays out nicely. Here, you bet on a result that will happen in the future. For example, when the season starts (or even before sometimes), you can bet which team will win the grand final months before the event takes place. Because a lot can happen in the meantime, even betting on the favourite team can result in a huge payout. You probably won’t see anyone below a +450, which means that you will win $450 on a $100 bet if that team wins. Betting on a staunch underdog can win you thousands! However, if you’re not the patient type (Like me. I’m very impatient and can’t tolerate futures.), you should just stick with the more immediate result betting. If you’re a serious sports bettor, you could place a futures bet and then bet all season and hope that the first bet pays out in the long run.

Specialty bets

On top of being able to bet on the aforementioned results of the games, you can also bet on more minute details of the game. Rather than the overall score or who will win, you can bet on how many rushing yards a team or specific player will get, how the game will end (field goal, touch down, etc.), who could win a specific trophy, and so on. These bets can be a great way to add some depth to the normal game rotation, and the payoffs can be quite substantial. If you are confident in a specific running back’s ability, for example, you can bet that they will get more rushing yards than the casino predicts. If you think they’re overrated, you could bet that they get less rushing yards than predicted. If you’re right in either instance, you could walk away a big winner.

Where to Bet

You can bet on AFL games and on football games taking place around the world at all of our recommended bookmakers and any of our recommended online casinos that also offer the option to bet on sports. These casinos have the Australian player specifically in mind, tailoring their services and features to be the most convenient, accessible, and well-rounded place for you to place bets. They are judged on their licenses, security technology, third-party auditing services, and independent player and expert reputations around the web. You’ve come to the right place, so the only question is: will you bet on the right team? Good luck, have fun, and always remember to gamble responsibly.

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