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After the Internet was invented, as soon as people could make financial transactions online, the first online casino, founded by Microgaming, sprang up. Since then, the online casino industry has seen a rapid evolution, going from primitive games unacceptable by today’s standards to software of a breathtaking realism, featuring comparable quality to that of the newest video gaming consoles. The graphics, animation, and sound effects that modern technology and continuing innovation has brought has garnered an immersive environment that rivals — and in some cases exceeds — brick-and-mortar casinos. Now, Australian players can experience all that betting action on the go or at home on mobile devices.

What Constitutes a Mobile Device?

Maybe a decade ago a laptop computer was considered the mobile version of a computer, and we are not saying that that isn’t still true today, but that’s not what online casinos mean by a mobile device. When an online casino offers the opportunity to play their games from a mobile device — also known as “cross-compatibility” — they mean a smartphone or a tablet. This could be an iPhone, Android, Tablet, or iPad, with a Fire, Windows, Android, or Apple operating system.

What Are the Advantages?

The main advantage to playing games with a mobile device is the opportunity to play them from virtually anywhere. Mobile casinoAs long as you have access to the Internet, whether it is Wi-Fi or by way of mobile data (4G, etc.). Whether you are lying in bed, sitting on the coach, in the car, on a plane, waiting at the doctor’s office, bored at work, at a pub or coffee shop, or anywhere else you may find yourself with your mobile device when you are in the mood to place some bets, you have access. Online casinos skyrocketed in popularity because suddenly players did not have to go to the casino to play their favourite games and could do it from the comfort of home. Now players could presumably do it on their way to a brick-and-mortar casino (though we don’t recommend that).

Why is It So Popular?

It is safe to say that pretty much everybody on earth that resides in a developed country has a mobile device. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet (which we like to think of as the love child of a computer and a cell phone), chances are you have one. We like to play games on it, search the web, check our email and social media, and use it as a tool for any number of services, including booking flights, making calculations, scanning documents, and jotting down ideas. It just makes sense then, when they have an app for everything, that they would have an app for gambling. Some casinos are strictly mobile, while some casinos are cross-compatible. Some mobile casinos are specifically geared towards casino games like Roulette and Pokies, while others are for sportsbetting and poker rooms.

What is the Level of Accessibility?

Some casinos offer their mobile gaming from their website in the standard web browser, while other require you to download the mobile games as an app. Therefore, if you do not have enough space on your phone, you may not be able to play games from your mobile device if you are required to download an app. Some casinos are also only available for certain operating systems, but are not available for others, and your favourite online casino may not even offer a mobile version, which would mean to play on the go, you would have to open an additional account with a new casino. Otherwise, mobile gaming is even more accessible than playing from the computer at home.

Can I Register and Get Bonuses and All That Good Stuff?

Mobile casinos are designed specifically for players to be able to have all the same features and promotions that they would find on their computers. You can create an account, make deposits and withdrawals, claim your Welcome Bonuses and the other promotional offers, and have all the same winning potential, fairness, and security that you would find on your computer. However, because the computing power of your mobile device is probably less than your computer, and because the high definition may not be as impressive, the actual look, feel, and fluidity of the mobile games may be inferior to their computer version.

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