Can I Play an Online Casino with Cash?

There are plenty of plus sides to going to a brick-and-mortar casino, including live comedy and music shows, a fully stocked bar (sometimes with free drinks), other excited people, and the general atmosphere of all the lights, sounds, and opportunity. An online casino has all the bells and whistles, the same odds and winning potential (sometimes even better odds), and an unmatched level of convenience, and to many, an online casino is preferred.

But can you play an online casino with cash, just like you would at a land-based casino?

The short answer: Yes.

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It’s Not Literally Playing In Cash

Obviously we’re not at the point yet in our technology, nor will we probably ever be, where you can hold up cash and have there be a scanner come out of a lens that burns away the money and then teleports it to a third-party. There’s nowhere in your computer, like a disc drive, but for inserting cash to make a deposit. We all know this, but it’s worth noting that in order to play online casino games in cash, you will not be actually handing them money. As far as we know, there is also no online casino that allows players to send cash in the mail in order to make a deposit, though there are some where you are able to mail them in a check for a deposit.

How You Can Play With Cash

Playing with real, paper and coin Australian currency at an online casino means taking your cash to a nearby store and exchanging it for a one-time-use card. You can pull it out of a cash machine probably in the same store you buy the card in, or you will almost be guaranteed to be close to one when you go out to get some cash.

These prepaid cards act as cash at an online casino because, firstly, you are able to buy them in cash. You also have the option to only use them one single time, so when you go to a store, you can buy the amount that you want to play with in cash, go to the online casino and deposit that amount in, and then cut up that card and throw it in the trash. All of our recommended online casinos offer at least one of these options.

Cash to Prepaid Companies

The most obvious way to pay with cash to buy a prepaid card is a MasterCard or Visa prepaid card, which come in both fixed denominations as well as allows you to add a custom amount. Other options include Paysafecard, Neteller MasterCard, and Skrill MasterCard, among others, though those are the most common and preferred among online casino players. All you have to do to find where to buy them is to go to the prepaid card company’s website, type in your address, and they will direct you to the closest retailer. Pay for it in cash (or credit or debit), type in the details in the casino (less personal information than standard deposit options!), and you can start playing instantly, in cash!

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