Why Are Online Casino's Located Offshore?

Hearing that a company is located in a foreign location never garners too much confidence unless it's a huge brand like Honda or Ford. When you do research on the best of the best online casinos, trying to find one that best matches your preferences and what you're looking for, you will assuredly notice that all are located outside of Australia. This is a fact that the online casino Australia community will have to get used to, since Australia does not allow online casinos located in the country to advertise real money play to Australian residents. Here are some more reasons why online casinos are located overseas, and why it's nothing to worry about.

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You will notice that several of the most common countries a casino can be licensed by, regulated in, and based in, are small countries. These countries are specifically loved by businesses because of their low taxes, something that increases net gains but doesn’t affect the casino player. If anything, the casino player will be able to take advantage of bigger promos, and the return to player may be even better if they have less overhead to worry about. Often, the lower the taxes, the more you stand to win.

Laws Specific to eGaming

Many of these countries also have laws specific to online gambling, and with the strict oversight and particular emphasis on player comfort and confidence, online casino operators look at being registered and regulated by the country as an investment. When the player knows that the casino has strong oversight, it garners awesome player confidence, so even if the fees are a bit high, the casino will go with it if they want the players to see they care about cultivating the best, safest, and most secure place to place bets. But the specific laws also make it easy and clear cut for software companies to know what they’re getting into. Some are so succinct that you don’t even need a legal team to analyse it, which can be a very attractive prospect.

Building and Personnel Costs

Large countries with big populations that are colloquially known as “First World” have high building costs and high personnel costs, especially personnel that can design casino software and create an intuitive, high quality online user experience. This is not to mention customer support, management, and the like. To open up a software company in Malta or the Caribbean is much cheaper overall than opening it in Australia, which isn’t even really relevant since Australian based companies can’t offer real money play in the first place.

Some countries are stricter and more known for their oversight than others. Those are the countries you’ll want to look for when deciding on where to place bets online.

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