Why Are Online Casino's Located on Malta?

If you are an active member of the online casino Australia community, you have no doubt seen the MGA seal at the bottom of the page of some of the best places to place bets online. If you are not yet a member of this prestigious group of people who experience the thrill of risking money in the hopes of winning money, you will no doubt see the MGA logo soon enough, which stands for Malta Gaming Authority.

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What’s Attractive to Operators?

The question is: Why are so many online casinos located in Malta and licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)? For one thing, their fees and taxes are incredibly low in comparison to other popular spots. Malta also has legislation very specific to online gaming, and it’s pretty much its main industries aside from tourism. I’m also sure that basing your company in a gorgeous location in the Mediterranean Sea can’t hurt office morale. MGA also is a licensing body that has little restrictions on where operators can offer their services, opening up a global market that is very attractive to online casino operators both burgeoning and established. Malta’s local banks are also attractive to big business.

What’s Attractive to Players?

Malta certainly doesn’t have the kind of strict oversight that Australian and UK gambling commissions practice, but this also means that more casino operators flock to them. They still have strong oversight, and thanks to a small controversy with Everleaf Network not paying out their players, they have been steadily and commendably working back their trust among players worldwide. In fact, they put Everleaf out of business and have since gone above and beyond for player disputes. Operators need to showcase a strong independent, third-party software check to ensure their games feature random number generators, and failing to adhere to MGA’s policies can get you suspended, banned, and could cause you to go out of business. The idea that online casino operators presumably wouldn’t risk that happening, it instils a great amount of player confidence.

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