Do Online Casinos Have a Minimum Age?

Online casinos have to be licensed and registered within specific jurisdictions in order to offer their virtual lobbies to players around the world. This could mean they are available only to specific regions, or they are a multinational company. Either way, they need this oversight in order to legally operate, and not only that, but an unlicensed casino is almost always guaranteed to accept your deposit and keep your money. If you come across an online casino that is unlicensed, steer clear.

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We only direct players to online casinos that have strict oversight in terms of who they are licensed with and who their third-party, independent auditors are. Seals of approval are crucial for players to know they are betting on a trustworthy site, and no one understands that better than we do, as we aren’t just experts, we are players ourselves.

Aside from safety, security, trust, and third-party audits, online casinos also have to adhere to regulations set forth by the licensing bodies. In every single licensing body (that we are aware of, at least), the minimum age requirement is 18.

If you are under the age of 18, it is possible to still play at an online casino, but you wouldn’t just be breaking the rules of the casino and the licensing body, there is a very good chance you are breaking local laws as well. In fact, some local laws dictate that a player must be over 21 in order to play, though that doesn’t really apply to the online casino Australia jurisdiction. Really, it only applies to the United States, but it’s still worth noting, because it’s a testament to the licensing mandates that ensure every rule is followed.

The minimum wage exists to protect players who are not capable of making a decision as potentially harmful as gambling. An adult mindset, wherein you are able to set a budget and limit your gambling to avoid developing a problem or an addiction, is required when at a casino both online and land-based. Just like with the legal age of consent, the legal age to place bets is a way for both the regional, country, and global community to protect their youth. It’s an effort that isn’t just understandable, but common sense.

You will notice a seal at the bottom of online casinos that say 18+, and when you register, you will need to verify that you are above the age of 18 in order to play. While this verification is as simple as clicking a box, if you go to withdraw and the casino is in any way suspiscious of your age or identity, they will ask for further documentation. If you can’t prove you’re over 18, they will withhold your winnings, and rightfully so.

If you have a shared computer, make sure the online casino access is protected, as children not only are not able to handle gambling, they could majorly screw up your bankroll.

18 and over is part of the responsible gambling initiative the best online casinos adhere to, and it’s one that is heavily important to us as well when directing you to the best of the best.

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