Playing Multiple Online Casinos

There are so many good online casinos out there available to Australia players, and even though we list the very best of the best, that still gives players a pretty large number of options. Some online casinos are almost identical in their promotions and games selection (all of our recommended casinos have the highest level of security, safety, and reputation), but others have a completely different set of gaming options. That isn’t the only reason players choose to play at multiple casinos either. Here is everything you need to know about placing bets in more than one virtual lobby.

More Gaming Options

The opportunity for a change of pace for Australian bettors is an attractive prospect, especially when there is so much out there to play. There are a handful of incredible software providers, and each has their own signature games and styles. They will also have their own set of Progressive Jackpots, which can be another attractive component on top of keeping things fresh. While the types of games may be the same, like the same variations of Roulette, Blackjack, or Video Poker, or they could both have a large and eclectic array of Pokies. However, their constant innovation and competition amongst each other means you have more games at your disposal than you could play in a lifetime, and that’s really not an exaggeration. With all the different themes, variations, types, and brands out there, if your goal is to keep things fresh consistently, playing at multiple casinos is a good bet. With that said, the best casinos are the ones with an enormous and eclectic selection of games. In fact, there are some casinos that we recommend that have nearly 500 different types of Pokies. If you spent just an hour playing each one, it would take you almost 21 days straight to play them all.

Multiple Welcome Bonuses

If you like going for the Welcome Bonuses, then you might as well play at multiple online casinos, because if you are okay with rollover stipulations, they really are just giving away free money. Max out all of the deposit-matching bonuses, and you can also take advantage of those no obligation No-Deposit bonuses, where they give you free money to play any of their games. If you are really feeling especially motivated, you could go for every single No-Deposit Bonus that is available to Australian players. We would call it hedging your bets, but you wouldn’t be actually placing any bets. That’s not to mention all the other types of promotions available. In fact, casinos will often have deposit-matching reload bonuses on specific days of the week, so you could take advantage of on Tuesdays, and another on Thursdays. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Different Types of Casinos

There are some casinos that just offer a large number of casino games. Casino games are defined by the fact that the player is playing against the odds of the game rather than against other players or on the result of a sporting event. Poker rooms are where you can play against other players, and many online casinos are either casino games or a poker room, though many are both. The same goes for sports books. However, casinos that do not offer a poker room or the option to bet on sports will often have a huge number of casino games to make up for it, so this makes playing at the different, more specific types all the more relevant of an option. Some sportsbooks are also so extensive that they don’t have room to include casino games, or just a few that players can play while they watch the event.

The One Potential Con: Comp Points

The more you play at an online casino, the more you build up what are known as comp points. Most casinos have them, and if you split your time at multiple casinos, you will also be scattering your comp points. If you had placed all those bets all at the same casino, you would have all those comp points in one place. The reason this is particularly concerning is because the more comp points you build up, the less you have to bet to earn them, and the more you benefit by having them. However, because this is the only con to the three pros, it shouldn’t be that big of a deterent if the other three aspects intrigue you.

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