PointsBet announces landmark deal with NFL

PointsBet announces landmark deal with NFL

With the online gambling industry in the US ramping up as more and more states pass bills and approve legislation for operators and software providers alike to be based there, this has had many knock-on effects across the industry as a whole.


One of these has been in relation to sponsorship deals and online gambling firm PointsBet is a company that is reaping the benefits.


This comes in the shape of a partnership with the NFL (National Football League), which will recognise the brand as an approved gambling partner of the competition. Because of this, it means that there are multiple benefits associated.


Following the deal, this was met with eager anticipation by SportsBet US President of the company, Jonny Aitken and he intimated that the relationship between the two entities will represent an exciting opportunity for the brand to offer customers the fastest and most complete online gambling experience to customers around the world. 

How can PointsBet benefit from this agreement?

Already, PointsBet has made considerable moves over the last year, having recently expanded its offering into the state of New Jersey last month, in addition to securing a license in the state of Michigan in January.


This latest piece of business represents a great coup for PointsBet, because of the number of marketing opportunities that this provides across the different venues that are included in the NFL. 


In addition, PointsBet will benefit from several other initiatives, such as integrations with TV and digital assets, along with associated partners across the media. This will also help the site as well, with this being able to take advantage of official NFL branding, and because of this, it can substantially help the site. 


What can be regarded as somewhat of a masterstroke by PointsBet, is that last month, the company recruited NFL star Drew Bates to its ranks, as a brand ambassador, which is likely to go down as a highly strategic and clever move, particularly because he will also be part of a strong commentary team with the NFL this season.


The opportunities that this will present from a data perspective as well, will provide PointsBet with valuable information with regards to their marketing strategy and how effective this partnership has proven to be.

Any other deals for PointsBet?

What will be interesting to see is whether this is a catalyst for future deals, especially with either the MLS, NBA, or NHL in what could be an astute attempt to corner the entire sporting market, especially if they are able to use this as a funnel for online casino as well.


PointsBet is growing significantly across the country and is arguably showing that it is the US brand that has made major statements over the last few months. 


Whether this leads to further commercial business remains to be seen, though the activity of 2021 so far is a positive indicator and certainly throws up a lot of potential.

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