Australian Bookie Advertising Goes Up, And So Does In-Play

If you live in Australia and own a TV or watch videos online, there is a very good chance you’ve seen advertising for Australian bookmakers. They come in the form of commercials that encourage players in up the excitement of watching sports by betting on them, and since betting on sports in Australia is becoming a borderline past time, it makes sense.

The advertising for online bookmakers, according to The Australian, have gone up just under a quarter from last year’s spending, with big international names like Betfair, Ladbrokes, and CrownBet spending the bulk of the ad money, and Tabcorp and Tatts spending the least, but still spending several million. It may come as no surprise that Betfair has spent the most money, as we see their commercials the most. They’ve spend upwards up $38 million.

There have been talks of pushing legislation that will decrease the fees charged for broadcaster licenses, making it more viable for networks to replace their advertising space with companies other thank bookmaker sites. However, given the incredible amount of buying power these sites have and their general popularity, even a reduction in fees probably won’t change much.

In this same climate of increased ad money being spent on sports betting sites, William Hill has introduced an exciting new feature to their in-play betting options. It’s called “Double Down,” and it should be an incredibly exciting to prospect to Australian punters.

Here’s how the Double Down feature works. You place your bet on a horse race, and right after the race starts, you are able to Double Down on your bet. This means that, for just 10% of your original wager, you can double your wager. For example, if you make a $100 bet, you can make it a $200 bet for just an additional $10.

Not only is the Double Down feature unique to William Hill, there is a good chance that no other online casino could even afford to offer it. William Hill is one of our top rated sportsbooks, with promotions, accessibility, and features specifically geared toward the Aussie player, as well as safety, security, and reputation that instils the highest level of player confidence and security.

This in-play betting promotion does seem a bit odd when you consider the fact that there have been laws passed, particularly by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, limiting in-play betting (betting on sports while they are going on), but William Hill is confident they aren’t in any violation.

Either way, it could end up being drawn back just for the simple fact that it’s an incredibly lucrative promotion potentially, and it could result in so much winning that William Hill won’t offer it anymore. They could also land in some hot water if in-play betting regulations get anymore strict, so it seems like now is the time to take advantage of this.

If you like to bet on sports from your computer, this is the golden age, especially if you live in Australia. Good luck, and always remember to bet responsibly. 10% more seems like nothing, but if it’s over your budget, that’s where you can get into some trouble.