Ladbrokes Sponsoring Gold Coast Titans

Ladbrokes recently announced their sponsorship of NRL premiership team Gold Coast Titans, as well as introduced their new betting feature, Odds Boost.

Online gaming industry titan Ladbrokes became the sponsor of Gold Coast Titans of the National Rugby League premiership on March 6, 2016. The deal took effect the same day they met the Newcastle Knights on the field, and battered them 30 to 12, claiming the victory with the Ladbrokes name on their jerseys. Maybe this is the start to a lucky streak.

Ladbrokes is a UK company founded in 1886, before league rugby was even established. To partner with such a long-standing and world-renowned gaming company seems to be a great move for the Titans, especially considering Ladbrokes’s recent talks of merging with Gala Coral Group, a multimillion to a billion dollar deal that can’t be a bad thing for the Gold Coast side.

Ladbrokes is well known for its sports betting, particularly on the racing side, but also encompassing rugby, football, and everything else. It makes sense then that they would choose to sponsor a sporting team, especially one that plays in a country with so many of its players. Ladbrokes is one of the many online casinos available to Australian players, with a reputation for fairness and innovation dating back 130 years. However, they just launched in Australia in 2013, so they have a bit of work to do in their new market.

On top of sponsoring an Australian professional rugby team, Ladbrokes is making waves in the Australian gaming community in other ways. On top of regularly adding more Pokies to their virtual lobby, they offer a brand new feature to the race-betting realm: Odds Boost.

Odds Boost is a new feature that’s exclusive to Ladbrokes, or if it’s not, we don’t know who else offers it. They’ve rolled it out in line with this new sponsorship, and it’s one of their most exciting innovations yet. Players can increase the odds on greyhound or horse bets of their choosing up to one time per day, meaning you can bet on the favourite and win more money if you’re right. Placing a bet hasn’t changed; you just click the odds boost button when you go to place a bet you want to increase the winning potential for. Best of all, you can bet up to a thousand dollars, so when you’re feeling good about a dog or horse, you don’t have to settle with the odds payout.

Ladbrokes is setting themselves up as a staple of the Australian online betting community, and despite only being available since 2013, they’re doing a bang up job. Whether rooting for or against Titans (or rugby isn’t your thing), it’s tough not to applaud their efforts in getting our attention.

Now let’s see if Ladbrokes drops Titans when another inevitable cocaine-related scandal breaks (kidding…ish).